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 Instructor  Training

To become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) you will need to pass three tests. Spectrum Driver Training will guide and support you through each of these tests, ensuring that you go into each test feeling confident and able to pass.

 Part 1 - Theory

  We will provide all the study material you need to pass the test,

  plus ongoing support online and via your Trainer


Part 2 - Advanced Driving

 We will cover the entire syllabus and provide you with a

 written assessment after each in car session. With continued practice in your

 own car and our expert guidance you will be amazed at just how 

 quickly your driving skills will improve.

Part 3 - Instructional Ability

The object of this test is to assess the quality of your instruction and

 your ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. You will receive the

 TCIT Course Book which will show you everything you need to know

 to be able to plan a successful driving lesson.



You must be able to read a vehicle registration mark at a distance of 27.5m


You must have held a full UK or EU car driving licence for at least 3 years and be over 21 years of age

Fit & Proper

All convictions, motoring and non-motoring that are still in force will be taken into account when the DVSA assess your suitability to be entered onto the register of Approved Driving Instructors.

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